Our mission is to help citizens reclaim democracy.

America, we have a problem.

Would the founding fathers recognize America’s democracy today?


Our government was meant to serve us, but with skyrocketing election costs  and recent Supreme Court decisions, the doors have been thrown open to big money.


Today, politicians are more concerned with finding money than with listening to voters. It’s time to turn this around.


Pool donations. Demand action

Your money, your voice.

Right now, politicians meet with people who control to votes, money or both.


When you use ShiftSpark, you’re saying to  politicians, “here are voters, here is money.” They'll want to talk with you.


And this isn’t  just during campaigns. ShiftSpark ties your support to your issues when politicians need to know about it - BEFORE the election.

A brand new way to think about politics.

Introducing the

Citizen Lobbyist: You

Your voice matters. The problem is politicians have been listening to billionaires and big donors.


Now it’s our turn. Together, our small donations are a BIG voice.


It’s time to make politicians pay attention to the people.


The only tool built by insiders,

for outsiders.

“At the end of the day, it was my job to figure out how to get rich people to give.


It's not a question why money runs politics. The question was whether Americans can actually be empowered by the same system."


Ben Yee

Founder, ShiftSpark

State Committeeman

Secretary, New York Democratic Party

Former VP, Young Democrats of America